OSRIC v2 Released

The OSRIC version 2 SRD has been released to the public. This much expanded version features everything a group needs to begin playing and publishing 1st edition adventures. Project Editor-in-Chief Stuart Marshall had the unenviable and unpaid task of keeping this mammoth on track and moving along and deserves most of the credit for such a superior job. Jim Kramer also deserves a lot of praise for his excellent layout and design. I'm extremely proud to have been a part of this project and believe it will stand as both a reflection of the past and a signpost to the future of tabletop gaming. From the art to the writing, this is old school the way it should be, and a professional rpg product in every sense of the word.

From the back cover:

A complete ruleset in one volume. The OSRIC rules include:
413 spells
285 monsters
331 magic items
Official OSRIC character sheet template
Character creation rules for 7 races and 9 classes
Complete rules and tables for adventuring, exploration and combat
Over 100 original, never before published, illustrations
A complete ruleset in one volume

The pdf available for download is free and unabridged. Both hard & softcover versions will be available from Lulu in the near future.

Get it here - OSRIC


I downloaded this last night, and I am just amazingly impressed with how much effort and quality work this product shows. Everyone associated with it should be proud!