Irilian Remastered

I've always admired Dan Collerton's Irilian, which was first published in White Dwarf Magazines #42-47. However, the excessively small typeface used in those installments and the piecemeal organization of the material made it all but unusable at the table. With that in mind, I've compiled here all of the relevant city background and maps into one document for 1e AD&D DMs interested in using this fantastic piece of British rpg history in their latter-day gaming.

As you'll notice, I've intentionally excluded the Irilian adventure which was published alongside the sourcebook material and plan to release that later as a separate pdf supplement entitled The Rising of the Dark.

 Irilian Remastered.pdf


Baron Greystone said…
Wow, thanks for doing that, very handy?
Aaron Davis said…
Thank you I had looked at this in White Dwarf but had never
Used it because of the tiny font they used. Very Useful!
Ian Hewitt said…
This is fantastic. Thank you for sharing. Irilian is likely my favorite old-school module ever. Is there a link to the Dark is Rising pdf?