The Rising Dark

Alrighty, here's the Irilian Adventure: The Rising Dark

Beware: it says for 6-8 players of levels 3-6 but it's tough. IMO, for any party to hope to successfully complete this adventure they will need to be very sharp, lucky and in all likelihood, have a full complement of hirelings. Despite the rather linear nature of the scenario, there could also be room for lots of exploration, and possible side-quests while in Irilian itself - and making use of the opportunities for training and level advancement along the way. The climactic final act could also serve quite well if played out as a miniature skirmish wargame - the waves of humanoid Dark Children toward the end could quite easily lead to a total party kill - and as you'll discover, at least 1 PC will not be coming back if there is to be any hope of success.

The Rising Dark.pdf


Kian said…
Thank you so much for bringing Irilian back! I was *just* thinking about using it to enhance Waterdeep and BAM here it is! Very grateful.