Monday, August 31, 2015

OSRIC Monster & Spell List Spreadsheets

I've added two new files to the downloads sidebar: the OSRIC Monster List.xlsx and the OSRIC Spell List.xlsx. Both are comprehensive recapitulations noting important stats and sources of all of the extant OGL monsters/spells (including those to be included in Dangerous Dungeons) with sorting filters by category. Both also include links to the original sources used and a listing of those 1st edition monsters/spells with no OSRIC equivalent to date. Both of these are ongoing works in progress hosted on my Google Drive and I will continue to update them as new resources become available. Both are intended as reference tools for authors and publishers as well as players and gamemasters.

OSRIC Monster List.xlsx
OSRIC Spell List.xlsx

Monday, August 24, 2015

Dangerous Dungeons Preview: Spell Lists

Here's the master spell list for Dangerous Dungeons and OSRIC. If you're interested in contributing to the project I've noted the spells that still need complete descriptions in red. We still have room for some unique spells as well.

Master Spell List.doc

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Dangerous Dungeons Preview: Race, Class & Level Combinations

Here's the table listing the class and level limitations by race or subtype. One of the core additions of Dangerous Dungeons is splitting humans and demi-humans into various sub-types. For a standard OSRIC campaign it offers a number of variations on demi-humans much like the Unearthed Arcanum did for AD&D. For those interested in running a humans-only campaign (classic swords & sorcery) it allows for distinct differences between regional groups in keeping with the source literature - Cimmerians make better barbarians than Stygians who make better sorcerers.

Character Class Level Limitations.doc

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Dangerous Dungeons Preview: Languages

01-25    Common Tradespeech
26-36    Common Dialect (1-3: Northern, 4-6: Central, 7-9: Southern, 10: Halfling)
37-39    Old Common ( 1d10 x 100 years before present )
40         Archaic Common ( 1d10 x 1000 years before present )
41-50    Elvish (1: Elder, 2-4: Middle, 5-8: Simplified)
51-60    Dwarfish (1-2: High, 3-5: Mountain, 6: Deep, 7-8: Low )
61-68    Gnomish (1: Old Runic, 2-4: Calligraphic, 5-7: Shorthand, 8: Deep)
69-70    Orcish (1-2: Ogrish, 3-6: Orcish, 7: Ettin, 8-9: Eastern Magi)
71-72    Goblin (1-2: Hobgoblin, 3-7: Goblin, 8: Svartling Patois, 9-10: Bugbear)
73-75    Gnoll (1-7: Gnoll, 8-10: Kobold)
76-78    Wyrmish / Dragonspeech ( 1: High, 2-5: Middle, 6-8 Low)
79         Trollish (1-2: Deep 3-8: Surface)
80-81    Demonic ( 1-6 - Demonic, 8: Daemonic)
82-83    Diabolical (Devils)
84        Annunaki (1-2 – Astral, 3-8: Material )
85-87    Fae (1-5: Fairy, 6: Sprite, 7: Leprechaun, 8: Centaur)
88-89    Aquatic (1-5: Tritons, 6-8: Mermen, 9-10: Sea Elfen)
91         Cephaloid (1-6: Astral, 7-8: Material )
92         Slaasthaki (1-2: Classical, 3-8: Tradespeech )
93          Lizard/Amphibian ( 1-4: Lizard Man, 5-7: Locathah, 8-9: Batrachian, 10: Deep One )
94-95    Elemental ( 1-2: Earth, 3-4: Air, 5-6: Fire, 7-8: Water)
96-98    Monstrous (various separate languages e.g. Lammasu, Gargoyle, Harpy, Minotaur, Medusan, Sphinx)
99-00    Angelic (1-7: Lower Devic, 8-10: Higher Solari)

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Dangerous Dungeons Preview: Empty Dungeon Rooms

Empty Rooms
Room shows evidence of some brutal combat having taken place in the recent past. Walls are covered in bloodstains and bits of gore. Bones or rotting bits of flesh cover the floor.
Areas of the walls and floor are faded or stained, as if the room once contained several pieces of furniture or other furnishings, now missing.
The room appears as if it has been refurbished. The walls are spotless and the floor is unmarked as if recently retiled. Otherwise, there are no furnishings.
The walls here are splotched and covered in mold as if the room had once been flooded. Rotten bits of wood and textile can be found on the floor.
Whatever it’s original purpose, this room has been used as a toilet by whomever lives nearby. The stench is almost unbearable and the corners are piled high with feces.
The walls and floor of this room are covered in names from every conceivable race and culture scrawled in black charcoal. On the ceiling, in big red letters is the caption ‘ People Zaxes Doesn’t Like’. Who or what Zaxes is or who the other names belong to is a mystery.
Some great conflagration has engulfed this room. Both the walls and floor are scorched and black and in places appear melted by some great heat.
A large square is drawn in the middle of the floor in chalk and in it is written the word ‘IN’. On the floor near the door through which the PCs enter is written the word ‘OUT’.
The room is completely empty but is permeated by a sickly sweet odor as if someone has recently been smoking pipeweed. If re-entered at a later date, the room will still smell as if someone has only recently been smoking here, but will still be completely empty.
The walls of this room are covered in frescoes depicting ordinary life in a dungeon, if such could ever be called ‘ordinary’. Certain figures have been deliberately scraped away by some unknown hand.
In one corner of the room is a fake trapdoor. If opened, it reveals only featureless bedrock.
Cobwebs fill the room from top to bottom. If burned or brushed away, a task that takes 1d3 turns, nothing whatsoever, including a spider, is found in the room.
The entire room radiates a palpable evil dweomer although it is completely empty of both occupants or objects.
Although empty, a trail of ants leads from a crack in one corner of the room, across the floor and up the wall into another small crack in the ceiling.
A distinctly funky smell pervades the room, and traces of bodily fluids can be seen splattered hither and yon. Crude sexual sketched are scrawled on the walls including an inscription in Common that reads ‘For a good time, call Big Steev’. In one wall, at waist level, is a small hole that proves to be only 3 inches deep if probed. 
The room is bathed in a pale white light with no obvious source. A distant humming can be heard. If 1d2 turns are spent searching the room, the PCs find an inscription in one corner, in very tiny Common the phrase “There is no reason and the truth is plain to see.”
The layer of dust and rat droppings that blankets the room appears to have been recently disturbed by someone or something who apparently removed what could have been a large treasure chest once sitting in the corner. Marked on the dust in the floor nearby are the words ‘Jaymal was here’.
The room is very cold and dust-covered. Small footprints lead from the door to the center of the room where there is a kobold-sized snow angel.
This room is enshrouded by permanent magical darkness but is nevertheless, completely empty.
This room is completely unremarkable and empty.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Unimpressed Gygax

Dangerous Dungeons Preview: Index

Here's the tentative index for Dangerous Dungeons. Nearly everything is already written except for the chapter on planar adventuring and a few monsters and spells. We're still looking for artists willing to contribute and someone familiar with constructing form-fillable pdfs for a few supplemental extras to include for the book online.

Layout is still not complete, but it looks to be somewhere in the 500 page range. For those wondering, everything will be designated open content with proper accreditation.

Dangerous Dungeons Index.doc