Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fantasy Gaming with the Stars

Here's the can choose 5 people to join you in a one-month reality show. You'll be trapped in a house, constantly surveilled, and expected to play 12-hours-a-day 1st edition AD&D. One of you will be the DM (your choice). One fighter, one thief, one magic user and 2 whatevers. So, ladies and & gentlemen...let's see your rosters!!!

1. Stephen Colbert
2. Vin Diesel
3. Mike Myers
4. Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock
5. Matt Groening
6. Dame Judy Dench
7. Jenny McCarthy
8. Kato Kaelin
9. Edwin McCain
10. Wil Wheaton
11. Daryl Hannah
12. Robin Williams
13. Lexa Doig AKA Rommie and the computer AI from Andromeda
14. Ben Affleck
15. Mat Damon
16. Matthew Lillard
17. Jon Stewart
18. Jim Breuer
19. Brian Warner AKA Marilyn Manson
20. John Carmack
21. Sebastian Bengtsson
22. Joakim Bengtsson
23. Robert P. Olsson
24. Björn-Erik Karlsson
25. Daniel Antonsson
26. Tommy Karlsson
27. Kevin Smith
28. Eddie Izzard
29. Johnny Vaughn
30. Michael Greco
31. Dave Gorman
32. Charles Manson
33. Scott Edgar
34. Jon Favreau
35. Curt Schilling from, I think, the Red Sox or at least use to be.
36. Todd Pratt from, I think, the Braves or at least use to be.
37. Jimmy Wales (One of the founders of Wikipedia)
38. Jacques Villeneuve
39. Rivers Cuomo from Weezer and, it is rumored at least, the rest of the band.
40. Everyone in Marcy's Playground
41. Everyone in Flashlight Brown
42. Gary Gygax
43. Seth Greene
44. Trey Parker
45. Matt Stone
46. Patton Oswalt
47. Stephen King
48. Steve Rune Lundin AKA Steven Erikson
49. Joss Whedon
50. Jack Black
51. Ryan Cabrera
52. Nick Cannon
53. Jon Heder
54. Jesse McCartney
55. David Boreanaz
56. Lauren Graham
57. Hulk Hogan
58. Johnny Vaughn
59. Michael Greco
60. Dave Gorman
61. Lauren Graham
62. Alice Cooper
63. Raymond Feist
64. Kari Byron of Mythbusters
65. Ed Robertson (Barenaked Ladies)
66. Robert Jordan
67. Ben Kweller
68. RA Salvatore
69. David Duchovny
70. Donald Faison
71. Emilio Estevez
72. Robert Asprin
73. Glenn Danzig
74. Carrot Top
75. Brad Pitt
76. Len Lakofka
77. Steve Marsh
78. Dave Cook
79. Tom Moldvay
80. Dave Arneson
81. Richard Snider
82. Ed Greenwood
83. Tim Kask
84. Frank Mentzer
85. Paul Jaquays
86. Erol Otus
87. Dave Trampier
88. Dave Sutherland
89. Bill Willingham
90. Bob Bledsaw
91. Graeme Morris
92. Jim Bambra
93. Phil Gallagher
94. Dave Hargrave
95. Aaron Allston
96. Jim Ward
97. Rob Kuntz
98. Lawrence Schick
99. Mike Carr
100. DM's Choice

*I snipped most of this list of celebrity gamers from the Dungeon Delver. Thanks DD!*
*List edited to include designers, artists et. al. (8/29/08)
*If you can't decide...just roll a d00 and do it the old-school way.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Kellri's Old School Challenge #1

Feeling board? Game? Then here's a quiz for all you grognard-types. First reader with the correct answers will receive one slightly tattered pdf copy of The Arduin Grimoire IV: The Lost Grimoire. So...put on your thinking caps and name these games.

1) Your breastplate is no defense, you'll need a helmet to avoid the smash
2) You and 2 gargoyles are sitting in a traffic jam on the way to pick up the warlock in the tower.
3) $10,000 check or silver dragon? It's your choice.
4) 10 Early Achaemenid men firing with a factor of 2 causes 13 Late Han Dynasty casualties
5) Your KN may not be enough for the throwdown in the SG-shack. Next time, bring a SCG, hoss.
6) Redemptionists on trikes may beat a hasty retreat when the Imperialist Dreadnought boys show up
7) With a little bit of luck and really long piece of string, you might just clip the wing of the Klingon in your kitchen
8) A foul one and a twelve just injured Cleon Jones
9) Armenian archmagi have keys, will travel!
10) Wanna pillage? Then (bSS + aCom + tPop + aArmy) - (tSS + tFort + dCom + dArmy + LangMod + RelMod) like the rest of us.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Old School Inspirational Reading List

This work-in-progress is an expansion of the reading lists given in the 1st edition Dungeon Master's Guide and Moldvay Basic D&D. The idea is to provide short author bios and blurbs for the pertinent books or short stories as well as noting any obvious influences they may have had on D&D. Inside are included some guidelines for submitting your own recommendations or additions - many of the listings are still missing blurbs. Note that this is meant as an inspirational resource and not an exercise in comparative literature - in other words, reviews are not really what I'm looking for.

Here's the link:
OS_Reading List_2008.pdf 468.8 Kb