Sunday, November 29, 2009

Harold & Kumar Go To GenCon

On a Deadhead board recently, I read a post detailing what kind of erm, chemical help, the band was availing themselves of during the recording sessions for each album. Not sure how true it was, but it was funny as hell. Similarly, I've always wondered about rpgs...what kind of drugs were the designers doing when they wrote that stuff? Here are my tongue-in-cheek guesses:

OD&D - Coffee, beer & red wine, nicotine
1e AD&D - Sensimilla, coffee, nicotine, fruit wine
2e AD&D - coffee, nicotine, wine coolers
3e AD&D - Starbucks coffee, microbrews
4e AD&D - AA badges
OSRIC/LL/S&W - Viagra, coffee, nitroglycerin
Empire of the Petal Throne - Nepalese temple-balls, Persian H, mescaline, chai
Runequest - shrooms, sensimilla, herbal tea
WFRP 1e - blow, Lebanese black hash, Newcastle brown
CoC - pcp, nitrous, opium
Sorceror - Red Bull, paint stripper
RIFTS - roids, Gatorade
T&T - coffee, sensi, beer
Gamma World - acid, sensi, mescaline
d20 Gamma World - Xanax, diet pills
Traveller - coffee, truckstop speed, tequila
Vampire: The Masquerade - Xanax, ritalin
Talislanta - more of everything with a needle & a spoon
GURPS - valium, coffee
Forward to Adventure! - pipe tobacco, coffee
Exalted - fruit juice masquerading as a 'smart drug'

And feel free to add you own favorite hopped-up games to the list.