CDD #4 Version 2 Ready

After hacking away at it over the weekend I've got CDD#4 all finished. After cleaning up and filling out the text it's now 141pp with around 15% new text and new & reworked cool random tables. I'm very satisfied with the way it looks and I hope all of the 'Old'School' crowd likes what they see too.

Here's the new link for version 2. Links updated on the sidebar as well. Enjoy!

CDD#4 - Encounters Reference.pdf 1.6mb


Mark said…
Wow... quite the work you've done here.

Just a minor quibble that I saw right away, however... you appear to have two page 4's in this document.
Dr-Rotwang said…
I downloaded it, but Orbitfiles says it's an application, not a .pdf. Did I stupid?