CDD#4 Final Version 3

The Old School Encounters Reference is the fourth in the Classic Dungeon Designer's series for 1st edition AD&D and compatible with OSRIC. The Encounters Reference is a comprehensive book of tables and pre-generated assortments for use by the GM in designing and running an old school fantasy game. This 3rd and final edition has been thoroughly revised and expanded with even more content, better layout and indexes in both print and pdf versions. It is my hope this will set a new standard in free high-quality gaming supplementals. Here's the table of contents, which should give you an idea of the breadth of material included:

CDD#4 Old School Encounters Reference
Version 3 Revised


Chapter I: Men
-NPC Assortments by Class (Clerics, Druids, Fighters, Paladins, Rangers, Magic-Users, Illusionists,Thieves, Assassins, Multi-Classed NPCs, Bards, Monks, Sages, 1st and O-level NPCs)
-NPC Details
-NPC Experience & Progression
-NPC Boons & Hinderances
-NPC Motivations
-Dealing with NPCs
-Standard Human Types (Bandits & Brigands, Berserkers, Border Patrols, Buccaneers & Pirates, Cavemen,Caravans, Dervishes & Nomads, Tribesmen, Guards & Watchmen,Pilgrims)
-NPC Adventuring Parties
-Spellbook Assortments (1st-18th+ Levels)

Chapter II: Demi-humans & Humanoids
-Humanoid Ability Scores
-Tribal Spellcasters
-Humanoid Groups (Bugbears, Centaurs, Gnolls, Goblins, Hobgoblins, Kobolds, Lizardmen, Locathah, Ogres, Orcs, Sahuagin, Troglodytes, Trolls, Xvarts)
-Demi-human Groups (Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, Halflings, Mermen, Tritons)

Chapter III: The Underworld
-Dungeon & Cavern Mapping Symbols
-Wandering Monster Encounters (Dungeon Levels I~IX)
-Doors & Locks
-Gaols & Prisons
-Graves & Tombs
-Tricks & Traps
-Animated Statues
-Quests & Geases

Chapter IV: The Wilderness
-Terrain by Hex
-Random Encounters
-Random Encounters by Terrain Type (Arctic, Sub-Arctic, Temperate, Tropical)
-Dealing with Dragons
-Encounters at Sea (Freshwater, Saltwater)
-Extra-Planar Encounters
-On the Road
-Living Off the Land
-Druidic Places

Chapter V: Settlements & Civilizations
-Inns & Taverns
-Markets & Bazaars
-Schools & Training Halls
-Shops & Structures
-Shrines & Temples
-Underworld Guilds

Chapter VI: Treasures
-Treasure Assortments by Level (Dungeon Levels I~IX)
-Treasure Assortments by Type(Types A~Y)
-Miscellaneous Treasures
-Quick & Weird Magic Items

Chapter VII: The Campaign
-Adventure Design
-Friends & Foes
-Exotic Times & Places
-Deities & Demigods
-Arcane Magic

Chapter VIII: Forms & Appendices
-Appendix A Dice Conventions & Ranges
-Appendix B Bibliography & Sources
-Record Forms



Alan Shutko said…
Is this available anymore? The links all give a File Not Found.
Anonymous said…
Ack... I got the same message! What gives?

Hopefully this'll get sorted out soon.
Anonymous said… has them all
Anonymous said…
Kellri, I would like to know what is the licence for redistribution of your PDFs. I'm starting an OSR conservation project and thus would like to have permission to redistribute your PDFs. Please contact me at if you're interested :)
Unknown said…
I just found this now and I'm extremely grateful for the hard work you've done on this reference material.

You have saved me a gross amount of effort, and I'll certainly give you credit as often as possible.
Alpharius said…
Same here!

Sorry I came to this so late, but glad to have it now!

Thank you VERY much!
Claytonian said…
where might I find this file these days, good sir or madam or robot?
Bryan said…
Thank you for these great references! If you have time, I'd like to ask you how they were created / bookmarked because I'd like to make my own DYI campaign materials with good book marks in them. Thanks!

jsepeta said…
All the existing links seem to have expired. Is there a new link available?
Svenne F said…
Same here. This looks splendid and comes with great recommendations. Alas, linkage broken...
Svenne F said…
Found it thru use of Google-Fu:
Unknown said…
Go to

It's linked on the Right Hand Side of the page ~ 1/4 of the way down.
Carl Jonard said…
Hi. I noticed that the PDF's for CDD #1 & #2 use the font Rockwell Condensed for titles and headings, which looks great.

However, something seems to have gone wrong with the PDF's for CDD #3 & #4. The titles are all mushed together and crappy-looking. I think the font may not be embedded. Any chance you could update those?
I have been using the CDD series for the last 6 or so years and never gave acknowledgement.
Many thanks to you Kellri, the netbooks have been indispensable in my 'lab' and at my table.