CDD#4 v2.0 Revisions

Some of the upcoming changes -

- Table of Contents/Index
- List of Abbreviations used
- Chapter introductions and explanations for the more obtuse tables
- Completely reworked NPC Experience & Progression chart
- Reworked NPC Details (as per Algolei's suggestions)
- New Boons & Hinderances table
- Expanded and complete Human/Humanoid/Demihuman Groups tables
- Reworked missing/incorrect ACs
- New Chapter division (Village & Town)
- New tables for Shops other Establishments
- New form - NPC Card
- ++ a host of minor omissions/errors

Look for the updated version sometime later this week.


Anonymous said…
Looking forward to the updated file.

I just want to take a second to say thank you for all the work you have done and a special thank you for the sparks and even flames of inspiration you have brought to many of us through your netbooks and all for free as well!

So again, thank you so very much.
You do rightly deserve all the thanks and the praise (if not more) for what you are doing for the community.