Further on up the road

CDD #4 is finished, and has been getting plenty of good feedback and even a couple of suggestions for #5. Here's what I'm thinking about for my next rpg project -

- CDD: More Encounters. More tables and DM notebook stuff. There's still room for expansion - MM2 humanoid tribes, human guilds, typical shops & merchandise, and more weird campaign tables to name a few.

- CDD: Wilderness and/or City Geomorphs. Simple b/w tiles similar to those in CDD#3 Dungeon Geomorphs.

- Gamma World. I still love GW and am still a 1/2 edition 'purist' on that front. I've even considered writing a 'clone of my own'. Still, I think I'll wait and see what Mutant Futuer looks like. I'm hankering to do a Book of *Mutant* Lairs.

- An OSRIC campaign setting inspired in part by the original Greyhawk folio and the original JG Wilderlands.


Jeff Rients said…
Hey, man. Just found your blog. I'd totally be up on a Book of Mutant Lairs.