Gamma World: Mutant Manual II updated

Here's an update. Added an index and cool cover by Zdzislaw Beksinski. Cleaned up a bunch of typos and other errata. Updated link below.

Mutant Manual II.pdf


BM G said…
Hey! :) I'd love to dl the PDF, is there any way to fix the link?
Anonymous said…
Can you fix the link for this?
Kellri said…
Look on the sidebar for the updated links
Staceyman said…
Found your blog today, great stuff.
I downloaded the Mutant Manual II from the PAForge a little while ago as i'm about to start running 2e Gamma World for our group. The Mutant Table references all the sources for the various mutants. I have most of them, but it mentions a Mutant Manual I.
Please could you let me know where i could get a copy of it?
Many Thanks