Kellri's Old School Challenge #1

Feeling board? Game? Then here's a quiz for all you grognard-types. First reader with the correct answers will receive one slightly tattered pdf copy of The Arduin Grimoire IV: The Lost Grimoire. So...put on your thinking caps and name these games.

1) Your breastplate is no defense, you'll need a helmet to avoid the smash
2) You and 2 gargoyles are sitting in a traffic jam on the way to pick up the warlock in the tower.
3) $10,000 check or silver dragon? It's your choice.
4) 10 Early Achaemenid men firing with a factor of 2 causes 13 Late Han Dynasty casualties
5) Your KN may not be enough for the throwdown in the SG-shack. Next time, bring a SCG, hoss.
6) Redemptionists on trikes may beat a hasty retreat when the Imperialist Dreadnought boys show up
7) With a little bit of luck and really long piece of string, you might just clip the wing of the Klingon in your kitchen
8) A foul one and a twelve just injured Cleon Jones
9) Armenian archmagi have keys, will travel!
10) Wanna pillage? Then (bSS + aCom + tPop + aArmy) - (tSS + tFort + dCom + dArmy + LangMod + RelMod) like the rest of us.


Elliot Wilen said…
I've got 50% of the answers, can only guess on two others, no idea on the last three.
Jeff Rients said…
Man, I suck at this. Did anyone else hear the rumor that the $10K disappeared just prior to the company folding? I never followed that game and wasn't really in the scene, so I heard it umpteenth hand.

I tried to get some locals interested in a string-and-klingons game, but no one bit. And the chairman of the local con decided that floorspace was too precious a commodity to blow on giving it a go there.
KenHR said…
Three I know, two I'm pretty sure I know...the rest, not a clue. I wouldn't have a chance.

Great test!