Old School Inspirational Reading List

This work-in-progress is an expansion of the reading lists given in the 1st edition Dungeon Master's Guide and Moldvay Basic D&D. The idea is to provide short author bios and blurbs for the pertinent books or short stories as well as noting any obvious influences they may have had on D&D. Inside are included some guidelines for submitting your own recommendations or additions - many of the listings are still missing blurbs. Note that this is meant as an inspirational resource and not an exercise in comparative literature - in other words, reviews are not really what I'm looking for.

Here's the link:
OS_Reading List_2008.pdf 468.8 Kb


Anonymous said…
But comparative lit would be awesome! Maybe a wiki or something where people add reviews, stat out characters/monsters/items from the books, and so on.

I have more ideas than time, sadly.
Erik Talvola said…
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Akiyama said…
Do you still have this? I used to have it on my old laptop, which is now broken.