From Across the Table - Men part I

Here's some more old school AD&D plug and play stuff - this time a selection of randomly generated human groups, straight from the Monster Manual

A band of 140 BANDITS (highwaymen)
Currently they are laying in wait
BANDIT Chief: Gonsalvo, a 10th-lvl Fighter (hp 49)
Lieutenant: Tollanuir, a 7th-lvl Fighter (hp 24)
Bodyguards: 6 2nd-lvl Fighters (hp 9,13,10,14,11,9)
Clerics: Aldahararon, a 6th-lvl Cleric of Abbathor (hp 25) and a 3-lvl Assistant, Borochoth (hp 14)
Wizard: Edlicknitz, an 8th-lvl Magic User (hp 29)
3rd-lvl Fighters: 7(hp 13,17,19,9,20,16,22)
4th-lvl Fighters: 5(hp 20,29,18,16,18)
5th-lvl Fighters: 4(hp 27,28,38,34)
6th-lvl Fighters: 3(hp 46,28,34)
Potion of Clairvoyance,
Rod of Absorption (36 charges)
Human-sized Chain Mail +1
Edlicknitz' Spellbook:
Level 1 -Alarm, Animate Rope, Chill Touch, Grease, Hypnotism, Identify, Read Magic, Magic Missile, Protection from Good, Charm Person, Push, Ventriloquism
Level 2 -Darkness, Levitate, Ray of Enfeeblement, Web
Level 3 -Hold Person, Lightning Bolt
Level 4 -Polymorph Other, Fire Shield
A band of 59 RAT BERSERKERS with a fleet of 4 Longships. They are hauling their booty back home.
Chief: Skalla-Gjuki Bjarnisson the Deep-Minded, a 10th-lvl Fighter (hp 49, Axe + Spear (1-8/1-6))
Subchiefs: 2 6th-lvl Fighter Subchiefs, Yngvar (hp 36) Axe + Spear (1-8/1-6) & Eyvind (hp 29) Sword (1-8)
Clerics: Geitir, a 7th-lvl Cleric of Loki & 1 4th-lvl Assistant (hp 10)
Special Followers: Audun,a Wererat (hp 19)
1st-lvl Fighters: 6 (hp 10,4,2,4,8,7)
2nd-lvl Fighters: 3 (hp 6,13,11)
3rd-lvl Fighters: 2 (hp 16,7)
4th-lvl Fighters: 1 (hp 31)
5th-lvl Fighters: 1 (hp 31)
A band of 170 BUCCANEERS on shore leave
BUCCANEER CAPTAIN: Stuttering Seberddru, an 8th-lvl Fighter (hp 50, axe (1-8))
Lieutenant: Blind Shadrach, a 7th-lvl Fighter (hp 40, axe (1-8))
Boarding Party: 3 4th-lvl Fighters (hp 25,19,13, swords & handaxes (1-8/1-4))
Ship's Doctor(s): Portsider Einar, a 2nd-lvl Cleric of Ares (hp 7)
Ship's Mates: 3 3rd-lvl Fighters (hp 9,8,10, light crossbow (1-4))
Ship's Officers: 2 5th-lvl Fighters (hp 36,28, sword (1-8))
Currently they are traveling/marching.
Merchants: 10 0-lvl Normal Men (hp 3 each)
Drovers: 10 0-lvl Normal Men (hp 3 each)
Pack Animals: 60 mules
Mercenary Captain: Gromel, a 7-lvl Fighter (hp 39)
Mercenary Lieutenant: Damballah, a 6-lvl Fighter (hp 30)
Mercenary Guards: 12 2nd-lvl Fighters (hp 11,5,9,11,12,10,10,4,11,12,8,8)
Mercenary Troops: 80 1st-lvl Fighters (hp 6 each)
Paychest: 2,000gp 200pp and 11 gems (100gp each)
Trade Goods: total 30000gp including trunks of iron ingots worth 350gp each
& bags of raw wool worth 12gp each
A band of 64 TRIBESMEN from a SPIDER clan
They place elaborately carved totem poles and are zombie masters.
Chief: Witchdoctor/Chief Motuha-Mataeula, 8th-lvl Magic-User (hp 29)
Shamans: 2 6th-lvl Clerics (hp 21,17) & 6 4th-lvl Clerics (hp 18,12,21,16,18,18)
Braves: 6 3rd-lvl Fighters (hp 14,6,14,14,21,29)
Servants: 5 Juju Zombies (HD 3+12 26,24,22,25,24)

Witchdoctor/Chief Motuha-Mataeula's Spellbook
Level 1 -Read Magic, Chime of Release, Charm Person, Affect Normal Fires, Ventriloquism
Level 2 -Ghoul Touch, Skull Watch, Darkness 15' Radius, Stinking Cloud
Level 3 -Blink, Flame Arrow
Level 4 -Fear, Polymorph Other