From Across the Table - 20 Unsavoury Urban Encounters

Party got a hankering for the low dives and dens on the dark side of town? Don't bother to call for the town watch, they've got bigger fish to fry (with much heavier purses). You're on your own here tonight.

- A berserker is being mocked by street urchins, with possibly tragic consequences
- The PCs see an amazon accost a woman in the street
- A cheap trollop approaches a PC, she wants help because she is being harassed by a rich panderer from a brothel
- The town watch rounds up some prostitutes
- A drunken caravan master accidentally bumps a PC, he accuses the PC of thievery
- PCs see two neanderthals accost a couple in the street
- A aged madame approaches a PC, trying to drum up business for a massage parlor catering to exotic tastes
- The PCs observe a 6th-lvl Magic-User taunting and hounding a scruffy-looking Illusionist in the street.
- A holy man is preaching a new religion and is hauled off by the town watch or regular soldiers for inciting to riot
- A pack of 6 feral cats chasing rats
- A deformed madman falls frothing at the feet of the PCs, he was the subject of a sorceror's experiments
- A Fighter working as muscle for the Monarchists seems to recognize a PC and vaguely warns him of some impending doom
- The PCs see a fight between two finely-attired concubines, from different entourages that have insulted each other
- A drugged and drunken dwarf bumps into a PC and demands an apology
- 3 beggars sham drunkenness to bump into PCs and try to rob them
- A drunken gentleman thinks they recognize a PC as a famous person
- A pregnant woman who was just mugged approaches the PCs and begs for help
- A donkey recognizes a PC as its former master
- A PC sees a drunken foreign mercenary being robbed but not physically mistreated
- A pack of 3 mangy hounds begin barking at the PCs


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the urban encounters. Great write-up.