From Across the Table - Men, part II

This week is the last installment of old-school Human groups. For the desert, I've got a band of desert holymen last seen escaping slavery and a predatory clan of camel riding nomads. On the road, a party of pilgrims who are not what they seem to be. Underground, there's a large band of brave but superstitious cavemen. And at sea, a ship full of booty and a crew of bloodthirsty pirates! Per usual, feel free to use and abuse as you will. It's your game after all.

A band of 60 DERVISHES of the Rephaim tribe
Chief: Toviya ben-Rephaim, a 9th-lvl Fighter (hp 54)
Subcommander: Zefania, a 8th-lvl Fighter (hp 55)
Bodyguards: 12 2nd-lvl Fighters (hp 7,11,12,8,13,5,10,11,11,20,11,15)
Patriarch: Tzaddik Rephaia ben-Rahim, a 10th-lvl Cleric of Marduk (hp 45)
Clerics: 2 5th-lvl Cleric Assistants Zavdi (hp 22), and Keskel (hp 21)
Dervishes: 60
3rd-lvl Fighters: 2 (hp 16,19)
4th-lvl Fighters: 2 (hp 21,17)
5th-lvl Fighters: 1 (hp 21)
6th-lvl Fighters: 1 (hp 34)

Coinage: 1,000sp, 400pp

A band of 115 NOMADS of the Koketei clan
Chief: Jamshid Behrouz-Koketei, a 9th-lvl Fighter (hp 57) Potion of ESP, Longsword +1
Subcommander: Burilgichi, a 7th-lvl Fighter (hp 50)
Bodyguards: 12 2nd-lvl Fighters (hp 11,9,12,17,18,10,12,8,7,12,7,13,)
Clerics: 2 3rd-lvl Clerics, Behrouz (hp 12) & Shahablun (hp 17)
Nomads: 90
3rd-lvl Fighters: 3 (hp 11,17,22)
4th-lvl Fighters: 2 (hp 18,26)
5th-lvl Fighters: 2 (hp 45,32)
6th-lvl Fighters: 2 (hp 30,29)

Coinage: 3,000gp, 100pp
A band of 90 Lawful Evil PILGRIMS on a pilgrimage to a shrine of Ilneval
Patriarch: Artheuniac the Abbot, 8th-lvl Cleric (hp 31)
Assistants: Bomnost, 5th-lvl Cleric (hp 31) & Rhuduin, a 3rd-lvl Cleric (hp 19)
2nd-lvl Clerics: 6 (hp 5,14,11,9,12,12)
4th-lvl Clerics: 3 (hp 17,11,22)
6th-lvl Clerics: 1 (hp 23)
Magic-User: Er, an 8th-lvl Magic-User (hp 14)
Level 1: Read Magic, Dancing Lights, Erase, Detect Magic, Friends, Serpent Missile, Bookworm Bane, Dancing Werelight, Detect Undead, Flash
Level 2: Tones of Forgetfulness, Soothing Vibrations, False Trap, Fools Gold, Acid Arrow, Boiling Bath, Know Alignment, Ray of Enfeeblement, Invisibility to Undead
Level 3: Clairvoyance, Water Breathing, Wind Wall, Ward Against Undead, Clairaudience, Pugnacious Pugilist, Sure Footed Shuffle, Slow, Defense Against Lycanthropes
Level 4: Protection from Gas, Polymorph Self, Ultravision, Shout, Spell Enhancer, Dimension Door, Remove Curse, Fire Trap, Fire Charm

Thieves: Gorglas a 4th-lvl Thief (hp 16) & 4 3rd-lvl Thief comrades (hp 8,13,13,14,)
A band of 55 CAVEMEN from an ELK clan
Chief: Shell-Smashed Lur-Ooo, a 5th-lvl Fighter (hp 28)
Shamans: 3 3rd-lvl Clerics (hp 14,20,17)
Brutes: 5 3rd-lvl Fighters (hp 24,23,20,24,16)
Cavemen Males: 46
Cavemen Females/Young: 46 / 23
A band of 130 PIRATES and their ship The Strumpet
PIRATE CAPTAIN: Phanro the Deadly, an 8th-lvl Fighter (hp 45, sword (1-8))
Lieutenant: Shark Tooth Artus, a 7th-lvl Fighter (hp 38, sword (1-8))
Boarding Party: 6 4th-lvl Fighters (hp 18,25,24,33,14,22, swords & handaxes (1-8/1-4))
Ship's Mates: 3 3rd-lvl Fighters (hp 11,12,15, sword & handaxe (1-8/1-4))
Ship's Officers: 1 5th-lvl Fighter (hp 21, handaxe & dagger (1-4/1-4))
Pirates: 118
Pirate Treasure:
17,000gp, 400pp
A book - The Fraternity of the Woodwives, by Gwenda Sauser the Nabob (Fiction)
A gold & silver helmet, a gold plaque, a platinum & gold scepter, gold & silver pipe, an adamantium token, a platinum collar, a silver rod, 2x platinum & gold charms, a cyclops-skin
A book - The Life of Haemlaf (Biography)
A map drawn on parchment leading to a combined hoard of money & magic secreted in a town 100 miles distant