Group Therapy

Fed up with all the divisiveness in the recent US election? Hate all the petty factions and bickering groups? Ready to take a footman's flail to both Democrats & Republicans alike? Well grab your DM's notebook, and let's game it out. Here's a contentious bunch of special interest groups. Pick what you need or mix and match elements, there's plenty to start a holy war.

The Artificers of the Primal Run
e: everything started with the one true 'rune of Creation' and they're determined to teach that rune to every man, woman and child. It's almost unpronounceable, with either 69 or 77 syllables and sounds not unlike the troglodyte language.

The Templars of the 34th Spike: Konstantina of Athena suffered horrible tortures at the hands of the minions of Memnhisir, a patriarchal cult of devil-worshipping sadists. Only after being impaled by their 33 bronze spikes did the goddess receive her faithful paladin and on the hammering of the 34th she ascended to the heavens...and coincidentally disintegrated all living creatures nearby in a burst of radiant energy. Her followers are all female paladins of Athena renowned for taking suicidal risks in the fight against evil. They don't much care for men either.

The Weeping Five: These 5 red-robed figures always travel together, keeping their faces hidden under heavy hoods. They are frequently heard making a low sobbing thrum, but otherwise they don't speak or even turn to face a speaker. They rarely stop walking, and it isn't known if or when they rest. It is common knowledge however that snakes, spiders, rats and other pests are drawn to them and follow them for a distance. Oddly they don't have a big horde of pests following them, and it's unknown what happens to them later. Many towns and villages will open their gates to allow the Weeping Five to pass through and hopefully take their pests too. Other settlements are deeply suspicious and see them as demonic or diabolic. These places have often suffered a plague after the Five pass, leading to even more suspicion and doubt.

The Orange Convention: This cabal of spellcasters is a very vocal fellowship dedicated to influencing local politics for the betterment of their cause - the complete eradication of superstitious clerical magics. They are frequently heard ranting about the gods, whom they blame for hijacking the outer planes. In more religious areas, they are frequently heard crying for mercy.

The Symposium of the Realm: This traveling troupe of pundits and court fools makes a seasonal round of the cities' upscale inns. Nobles and foreigners are the usual target of their mimicry skits. The former, at least, are usually grateful for the fame.

The Friends of Compassionate Entropy: This cult of influential and very discreet demon-worshippers acquire most of their victims from their charity soup kitchen and hospital. Sizable donations to higher-ups keep questions to a minimum.