More FASA Trek

Captain, the archaeology section has completed their survey of the alien starship and has managed to recover partial data from two of the mysterious craft's memory banks. Mr Spock has finished analyzing the data using the Enterprise's computer and believes it logically points to a link with the alternate universe previously encountered on Stardate 2008.07

In other words...I've got two more short netbooks for FASA's Star Trek: the Roleplaying Game. The first is a comprehensive list of the various planets and worlds from across the published setting materials with the appropriate stats for the FASA system. The second is another comprehensive listing of the various people and entities of the FASA Trek universe. Enjoy!

FASA StarTrek Worlds.pdf

FASA Star Trek Whoswho.pdf


RV said…
Thanks, very handy info to have.
Luke Styer said…
Are these files still extant? They are not available on the other side of the links.