Gene Weigel's Dungeon

Alright, boys & girls...put on your Viking helmet, roll a fatty, put the Red Bull on ice and prepare to go DEEP! Chain-smoking Ron Jeremy-lookalike madman Gene Weigel has a big six-part dollop of old-school gold up on the Tube. Forget about all those genteel reviews, ass-kissing celebrity gamer vids, live LARPing tomfoolery, and 3tard fanboy frippery...this is the shit you've REALLY been waiting for, even if you didn't think so at first. This is not a documentary, or a simple filmed play session - this is a vision of gamer heaven - you need never grow up or grow old, you just start smoking, drinking, and flipping the bird a whole lot more.'s Against the Giants. And you gotta approach it like you would some avant-garde Japanese movie or maybe a high weirdness Subgenius thing. Geek Zen. These guys have refined their cheetoism down to the point where actually doing something recognizable as roleplaying is no longer necessary to keep that old gestalt engine humming at Warp 8. And atmosphere!'s like a cross between the vault in LOST, the basement in Silence of the Lambs, and the first place you ever got high AND heard Black Sabbath. Oh, and it's got some bizarre music choices - Sex Pistols karaoke into classic country into classical... By the Gawds, this is Hackmaster come to life!

For those about to rock...I salute you. I'd salute Gene too, but he already rocks. Me? You can find me drinking mead in Weigel's Valhalla.

Gene Weigel's Dungeon Part I
Gene Weigel's Dungeon Part II
Gene Weigel's Dungeon Part III
Gene Weigel's Dungeon Part IV
Gene Weigel's Dungeon Part V
Gene Weigel's Dungeon Part VI


Propagandroid said…
All I know is I really want Jeff Bridges to play Gene Weigel in the movie. It's like The Gamers Meets The Big Lebowski.
Noumenon said…
"This video has been removed by the user."
Zandari said…
ah! bring it back! where can I find it?