Scifi/Cyberpunk Random Urban Blocks

After a thought-provoking post on the RPGsite and in the glow of my new Christmas tree, I put together a quick set of universal tables for randomly building city blocks. With a little work, they should serve equally well with most science fiction, science fantasy, or cyberpunk RPGs. Populating the blocks is up to you, depending on what your campaign style is. If you want a rough-and-tumble gang-controlled sprawl, take a look at my Wild in the Streets.pdf for some suggestions. Anyways, enjoy and comments are welcome!

Scifi Urban Blocks.pdf


KenHR said…
This is tres awesome.

I run a pickup dungeon game when our full group can't get together. Your recent posts have sorely tempted me to put aside the megadungeon and gen up Gamma World goodness.

Thanks for all of this, sincerely!
Dyson Logos said…
I get a file not found when looking for the Sci Fi Urban Blocks PDF (clicking on the link provided)