Weird Science Mark II

After cleaning up a few proofreading mistakes and adding a page of mad inventions, here's Mark II. I'll let RedPriest explain how it works in practice:


I've done it! I've done it! Well... I've almost done it!!! At last, I've developed the world's... nay.. THE GALAXY's!! first Microsopic Visor Siege Device!!! Muahahahaha!! Again, I say.. muahahahaha!!

Okay. Well,it's only a prototype. And, it needs an enormous amount of power.. say.. oh.. on the order of 2.42 gigawatts of power generated by 7.7 × 10-19 m subsonic wavelengths, and it still breaks down ... a lot. But!!! But, it can be constructed quickly .. well, quickly enough for a microscopic visor anyway.. from ordinary household items!!!

Okay.. okay .. there was this one setback .. nay.. NAY.. it is a FEATURE! During Prototype Test, the visor didn't just knock down the test-target wall.. it ATOMISIZED it!!!! Now.. if I could only recreate that event.

Here's the new link: WEIRD SCIENCE.pdf

Enjoy, and make sure to send me your prototypes wrapped in brown paper, marked Dangerous! Do Not Open, and always with a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope inside.


JJ said…
the link says "Bandwith Exceeded". Any chance we could have a re-up of this?