Knockspell #1

Just as gaming-related activity seems to have slowed to a crawl on my end, I'm happy to see the new Knockspell #1 just published. It is edited and produced by friends Matt Finch and James Maliszewski, and features plenty of recognizable names from around the old school gaming community. The writing is straightforward and literate, the artwork is inspiring and diverse. If any of the recent online 'edition-wars' skirmishing over Kask's editorial is any indication, we might just have a new The Dragon Magazine for the New Old School. Can't wait to see Letters to the Editor in #2!

P.S. I'm still languishing in the Kingdom of Cambodia until March - haven't failed a system shock roll yet!


Brunomac said…
I love that cover. I still have yet to be able to bring myself to buy PDF's online though. Some kind of mental block. Plus I am a cheap Scotsman.
Jotaf said…
Huh, just to give you a heads-up: "Old School Encounters Reference" seems to have fallen off the net! Can't find a valid download anywhere. You might wanna upload it to another site like or something... Thank you! :)