Down in the Groove

Sometimes good things happen when you're away from your online life for a spell. In my case, I've had two extremely positive reviews of my CDD#4: Old School Encounters Reference. Matt Finch (Mythmere) on Dragonsfoot and James Maliszewski on his blog Grognardia. As a result, my free file server has exceeded its bandwidth and the old links are down for the month of May. Luckily for me, Brad Everman has stepped up to help me out in a big way with my own ftp space called - fairly fitting wouldn't you say?


The Badger King said…
Allow me to chime in with the fact that CDD4 has quickly become an invaluable aid to me in working on my Greyhawk campaign. I love all the CDD line, and would grab anything else you do without a thought. Keep up the great work!!