Group Activities Table

Here's a quick d% table for determining the current activities & possible motivations of an encountered individual or group. The table is suitable for use with almost all reasonably intelligent monster groups as well as human NPC groups, such as those detailed in CDD#4: Encounters. As always, the DM must determine the precise details of the encounter, including the particulars noted below. In all cases, the DM should feel free to alter or ignore any results which don't work in the context of their game.

01-03,on a raid
04-05,resting & recuperating after a recent battle (25% injury rate - roll for each level 1+ NPC or each 10 0-lvl NPCs, failed roll take 1d8 hp of damage + roll again)
06,burying their dead (25% casualty rate - roll for each level 1+ NPC or each 10 0-lvl NPCs)
07-09,on patrol
10-11,on a quest
12,on a slave raid
13-15,marauding & pillaging
16-17,fleeing another group/individual
18-19,hunting another group/individual
20,at war
21-22,a trading caravan/mission
23-24,returning home from a mission
25-27,foraging for food
28-30,surveying the land
31,building a small homestead/lair
32-33,mining or excavating
34-35,fortifying or digging in
36-38,on a pilgrimage
39-40,on a crusade
41,sick or diseased
42-43,renegades on the lam
49-51,hunting for food
52-53,stealing livestock
54-55,hauling their booty back home
56,on the prowl for men/womenfolk
57,lesser undead (skeletons, zombies, etc.)
58-59,scouting the countryside
60,following a treasure map
61-62,migrating to a new home
63-64,celebrating a religious festival
65-66,drunk & disorderly
69-70,arguing amongst themselves
74-75,singing & dancing
76-77,cooking & eating
80,gathering herbs
81-83,dead (DM should determine cause & time of death)
84,charmed or ensorcelled (DM should determine exact details)
85-87,fishing (hunting if no body of water is nearby)
88-89,escorting prisoners (DM should determine appropriate types & numbers)
90-91,negotiating with an opposing force
92-94,repairing weapons/armor/ships etc.
95-96,runaway slaves (unarmed & unarmored)
97-98,greater undead (ghosts/spectres/vampires, etc.)
99-100,DM's Choice


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