Breault's +1 Panty Wad

So it seems we desperately need more humor in the old-school scene if that last post was any indication. C'mon guys. Maliszewski? Raggi? JRients? Wheggi? I'm calling you out by name because I know you've got it in you. Make me laugh!!

Now, on the other hand...for a sample of just how intense the heat flying off geek back can get, check out this thread on the Knights & Knave Alehouse. Mike Breault, former editor at TSR during the 2nd Edition days has stepped up to the plate with his burning question - 'What's with all the Zeb Cook hatred?'. Target #1? Gene Weigel. The man who makes a Mind Flayer look like a reasonable conversationalist. The waters warm and getting warmer, so why not jump on in - just remember to bring the flaming oil and NO SPEEDOS!


noisms said…
Thanks for linking that. Hilarious and kind of disturbing at the same time - you have this rational and reasonable discussion going on for 70% of the time, but then every so often there are these insanely bile-filled interjections from utter non-entities to keep it interesting.

I've never spent much time on K&KA (the interesting person - bile-filled non-entity ratio is a little too high even for my taste) but that's a very amusing thread.
Matthew Slepin said…
I find myself sort of rubber-necking at first and then get rather depressed. Getting worked up about some of this stuff is just...ah, who's to say.
I'll see what I can do for you. I've been contemplating a riff off your own taxonomy of old schoolers with a similar list describing critics of the old school.
SirAllen said…
Between your last post and the Zeb Cook thread I have had plenty of chuckles in the past few days.

I also find Edition Wars and Nerdrage really funny too. Sometimes I get caught up in it even!

What's more fun than people arguing on the internet? Oh yeah, having sex with girls. But besides that...
Devin said…
Wow... Thanks for the link. It was really interesting to hear Mike's account, and I appreciated the way he answered everyone's questions and charges. But dang, that's some serious nerdrage going on in that thread.

I have a very difficult time imagining getting that worked up over a freakin' game, much less imagining what kind of chutzpah you'd have to summon to claim to know a situation better than a person who was actually there to witness it. But I've never been much for the Edition Wars, either (and I liked a lot of the stuff that came out in 2e - don't tell anyone!).

But it was neat to read about the details of the situation, in any case. I'm glad Mike posted as he did.
Oz RPG said…
That is not a pantywad, for I see it contains a bra as well!