Back in Black

So, it's been a real long time since I posted anything here. I've not given up gaming or anything like that, rather I've been busy writing Dangerous Dungeons for OSRIC which will include much of the Classic Dungeon Designer netbooks as well as tons of new material.

The old server has been taken down, so here are the new links for anyone looking for those old CDD netbooks and other stuff.

CDD1 Statblocks Reference.pdf
CDD2 Spells Reference.pdf
CDD3 Old School Geomorphs.pdf
CDD4 Encounters Reference.pdf
Old School Puzzles.pdf
Glyphic Lexicon.pdf
The Collected Pelinore.pdf
In Search of New Gods.pdf
The Awakening.pdf
OSRIC Monster List.xlsx
SWN Interstellar Shipyard.xlsx
SWN Mech Factory.xlsx
FASA Trek Who's Who.pdf
FASA Trek Worlds.pdf
FASA Trek Timeline.pdf
GW Events.pdf
GW Settlement Generation.pdf
GW Settlement Sheet.pdf
GW Scavenger's Field Guide.pdf
GW Underwater Gear.pdf
GW Wild in the Streets.pdf
Weird Science.pdf
Scifi City Blocks.pdf

Update: All the links on the sidebar have been updated as well, so download and enjoy!


Matt Finch said…
Anyone not familiar with Kellri's CDD series needs to drop everything and read them, by the way.
taichara said…
Great to see you back again :3
You're back! Excellent! I'm about to start a campaign relying heavily on your earlier work, THANKS!
Akrasia said…
I just discovered that you're back. Excellent! Looking forward to Dangerous Dungeons.