Dangerous Dungeons Preview: Haniver


Very Rare
No. Encountered:
180’ swimming
Armour Class:
Hit Dice:
Special Attacks:
Special Defences:
Spell reflection
Magic Resistance:
See text
Lair Probability:
Chaotic Evil
Level / XP:
7 / 1,050+8/hp

Hanivers are aquatic monsters of fearsome reputations that inhabit labyrinthine lairs in the deep ocean depths. They have barrel-like torsos with vertical symmetrical flaps, big membranous “wings” and tentacle legs. Their heads are squid-like with a sharp beak.

Haniver lairs are constructed from spiralling tunnels of rock or coral that lead towards a middle “room” where lurks the haniver. Any creatures passing over the labyrinth must make a Saving Throw vs. Spells at -4 or be hypnotized and drawn inexorably towards the middle where they can be eaten by the haniver. Only small or medium-sized creatures can enter the labyrinth.

In melee, a haniver will bite with its sharp beak. Hypnotised victims will be unaware of attack and completely at the mercy of their attacker. Spells directed at a haniver will be reflected back upon the caster and possibly others nearby, if the spell is one with an area effect. If dispel magic is cast at a haniver in tandem with another spell, the creature may (50%) be unable to reflect the spell, although they are still allowed a saving throw as normal.

Treasure: Hanivers will keep a hoard in the middle of their labyrinthine lairs that includes 10d4 x 1,000gp (50%), 1d20 x 100pp (50%), 5d4 gemstones (30%), 1d10 pieces of jewelry (25%), and 1d4 random magic items plus one potion (35%). 


Kent said…
It might be a good idea to write an overview of Dangerous Dungeons explaining what it is. And why is it for osric rather than simply for AD&D? Surely there is no evidence of anyone being legally badgered for writing AD&D material
Kellri said…
You can check out the index here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8l15nXmXT3BbDNwUDdpUWJ3UUk/view?usp=sharing
Kent said…
ok, that is helpful, but what is Dangerous Dungeons? an amalgam of your own greyhawk and your own AD&D because you dislike the original, because you feel obliged for legal reasons to alter the original or because you are personalizing what Gygax did from a creative impulse?
Kent said…
Anyway, it seems to be a gigantic project. It would be to your benefit not merely to present snapshots at the lowest level.