Dangerous Dungeons Preview: Spell Lists

Here's the master spell list for Dangerous Dungeons and OSRIC. If you're interested in contributing to the project I've noted the spells that still need complete descriptions in red. We still have room for some unique spells as well.

Master Spell List.doc


Kent said…
I have a strong loathing for you, the knights and knaves morons and the knights and knaves morons coup at dragonsfoot but I think I now know why.

Are you RELIGIOUS 'kellri' ? A religious yank ? HA ! That would explain everything.
Kellri said…
Sheesh...you just cannot let it go can you? As you repeatedly fail to realize, there's a not so thin red line between being a cantankerous voice in the wilderness and just being a tedious hermit banging his head against the same wall. Anyways Paul, have a good day and maybe get an icepack for your forehead.