OSRIC Monster & Spell List Spreadsheets

I've added two new files to the downloads sidebar: the OSRIC Monster List.xlsx and the OSRIC Spell List.xlsx. Both are comprehensive recapitulations noting important stats and sources of all of the extant OGL monsters/spells (including those to be included in Dangerous Dungeons) with sorting filters by category. Both also include links to the original sources used and a listing of those 1st edition monsters/spells with no OSRIC equivalent to date. Both of these are ongoing works in progress hosted on my Google Drive and I will continue to update them as new resources become available. Both are intended as reference tools for authors and publishers as well as players and gamemasters.

OSRIC Monster List.xlsx
OSRIC Spell List.xlsx


Anthony said…
Perfect! Just what I was looking for. 1000x thanks for the contribution.
Tamas Szabo said…
Fantastic, thank you!