Gamma World: Area Map of Allegheny

Here's my remastered area map of Allegheny from Gamma World 2e. I've got two versions - one with allegiance codes for the GM and another without for players. Use the links below to download the high-res versions. Enjoy!




The Angry Monk said…
Thanks! I've just revived my interest in GW. This is a sign!
thank you those are nicely done.
Great Journeys said…
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Mark Langsdorf said…
Would it possible to get the files you made the jpgs from? I'd like to change some of the colors and make some other changes for my own use. It's a great map, and it's already better than what I've done so far, but there are things I'd like to change.
Kellri said…
Mark - sure. I made the map in, and it's a 12mb .pdn file. I'll ty to upload it to my Google Drive later tomorrow and then post a link here so you can download.
Kellri said…
OK, Mark...sorry for the delay. Here's the link: