More Boot Hill

Here's the third and fourth parts of my 2e Boot Hill series.

First up, the El Dorado County map labeled with all of the places in the original rulebook. To download the hi-res version, here's the link:

Boot Hill Campaign Map Labeled.jpg

Next, the Boot Hill Referee's Reference. This compiles all the information in the Boot Hill Database and a lot more into a 25pp pdf for use at the table.

BH2e Referee's Reference.pdf

The last part, the Promise City map is on its way soon, look for it!



Jamieson said…
Your Referee's Guide is AMAZING. I assume it compiles the work from various gaming articles in Dragon, etc.?

Also under Wounding, it should be spelled "Mortal" not "Moral." Which, is actually kind of cool as well.
Lee B said…
Second thumbs up. Barb wire map frame is a perfect finishing touch.
Seabeeblaster said…
The map looks real nice but the map is upside down.
Seabeeblaster said…
I have been some research and found BH4 is one way on the map and BH5 is the other way on the map. I have all five modules.
Thank you very much for the Referee's Reference Guide!!!