Spreadsheet Updates

I've updated the OSRIC Monster, Spells, and Item spreadsheet lists. There are still some significant additions to be made to the Spells and Items lists - mostly from the newer XRP and other 3rd-party modules. If you have any other Open Source additions you'd like to see included, please feel free to post in this thread.

It's my hope to include these 3 resources as Dangerous Dungeons extras or free downloads to supplement that book.

OSRIC Monster List.xlsx

OSRIC Spell List.xlsx

OSRIC Item List.xlsx


Very cool!

ALMOST had a game of OSRIC at the last con but the new gamers could not make it .

Cannot wait for Dangerous Dungeons. I would like to send some artwork for you to use if you would like. Not great but that scratchy old school lokk,or so I have been told.
Zudrak said…
I just want to say I, too, am looking forward to seeing Dangerous Dungeons' release. Thanks for sharing these cool spread sheets, Scot!

Happy gaming,