The Re-mastered Rod of Seraillian

Here's my re-mastered version of the 5th Pelinore module from GameMaster Publications - Carl Sargent's Rod of Seraillian. It's for 1e AD&D characters of levels 7-9. Enjoy!

The Rod of Seraillian.pdf


jsorryman said…
Nice work. I think you've done a good thing in preserving the setting of Pelinore. Do you have any plans to re-master the remaining two Pelinore modules, A Flight of Eagles and Find the Lady? Anyway, thanks again for what you've done.
grodog said…
I've always wanted to adapt this adventure to Greyhawk, Scot, given Sargent's ties to the setting. Have you given any thought to that---either for this one, or for Pelinore in general?